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Enterprise Architecture

featured-img-01SOA Consulting Services has a set of certified experts in the most representative market platforms such as Oracle SOA Suite and IBM WebSphere. Our consulting services and enterprise architecture are mainly focused on the following areas:


We add value to your business processes

featured-img-02We add value to your business adding people, processes adn technology. Your actual processes will be aligned to your strategic goals. 

Design and Enterprise Architecture SOA/BPM


The application integration projects can have many approaches, such as integration based on process, data, and services or mixed. Currently, services are playing a very prominent role in enterprise integration. SOA Consulting World helps your company from the discovery of the integration needs, analysis and design of services, and implementing them. In addition to viewing these integrations from the perspective of the business value chain in order to orchestrate and maximize the value of your business processes through BPM (Business Process Management).

We Manage


The results of a government are not opinionable, they are measurable. Our consultancy has helped to optimize the interaction between government processes and citizens. That is why SOA Consulting has developed projects for the Application of Public Service Collections in Real Time and BPM Processes for Contractual Management, which aligns with the Antitradition Strategy and the Zero Paper Policy.


SOA Consulting has actively participated in the financial sector by developing Enterprise Architecture projects and projects based on Services Oriented Architecture, which has enabled the institutions to optimize the processes of Blocking, Bonus Card Issuance, Client Linking, RSA Authenticity And transactional portals.


Today’s markets demand that they improve their processes to gain a competitive edge by developing ICT-based strategies. SOA Consulting has developed Service Oriented Architectures to integrate insurance companies with their different business allies into comprehensive claims management.


Companies to be more competitive must be aligned with the global experiences of today’s markets. SOA Consulting offers its wide experience in the implementation of projects based on frames of reference such as eTom, SID and TAM.

SOA Cloud

Environments configured in seconds only. With SOA Cloud you will be able to obtain modifiable computing capacity in an incredibly easy and real time in the cloud with total flexibility.

It allows you to configure suitable environments in just seconds and full control for system administrators thanks to its integral control panel.

Host any application in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.JS and .Net easily with SOA Cloud.

Fast Parking

We are looking for an alternative parking payment in cities like Bogota. That is Fast Parking, an application to locate a parking place faster and a way of paying for the time spent.

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ARL - Aplicación de Recaudo en Línea

The IFX standard is a specification of business messages that generally serves the needs of the financial services industry for the exchange of data electronically through a variety of channels in order to carry out a broad class of transactions . Currently IFX offers content-rich conversations in the areas of: Electronic invoicing and payment, B2B payments, C2B payments, Card and service management, Point of sale and ATM communication, Bank to Bank Communications.

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